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Most asked questions:

1Do i need a motorcycle license?
For our 50cc scooters you do NOT need any license, you need to be 16 years of age. For our vespa 300gts and Honda Shadow 750cc you do need a motorcycle license.
2How is the scooter insured?
Every scooter / motorcycle comes with a liability insurance as standard. If an accident occurs, a special service will take pictures of the accident. Then it will be assessed who is guilty, if you are not in fault it will of course cost you nothing and you will not lose any deposit. If you are found guilty, you are insured for damage to the other party, but not for damage to yourself and / or the scooter / motorcycle. A damage report will be drawn up and settled with the deposit, if the amount is higher than the deposit, it must be paid in full.
3How much is the deposit?
Our deposit on all vehicles is Naf500,- or €250,- or $250,- Can be paid in cash, bankcard or creditcard
4How can we pay for the scooter?
We prefer you using maestro cards, cc is possible but there will be a surcharge. Mastercard costs us $26 extra and Visa $16. We have a mobile payment terminal with us when we bring the scooter.
5Where are we allowed to drive the scooter on the island?
We are the only scooter rental company that allowes you to drive all over the island without restrictions. The only rule is that when you go to the westside, that you allow the scooter some cooldown time every 20min. if you do not the engine will overheat and jam.
6What if the scooter breaks down?
If it should happen that you have a problem with the scooter just call or whatsapp us on +59995255500 and a mechanic will be on its way in 30min or less. and we have this service 24/7
7Are we allowed to go over the Julianabridge?
I have a saying: If you have the guts to go over it then go and be free! I will say that it can be very windy and with a 50cc scooter it can go slow. stay on the right side and only go when there is not a lot of wind. We would advise taking the Emmabridge to cross to the Otrobanda side.
8More info about our electric scooter
Our electric scooters have a range of around 120KM on two fully filled lithium batteries. They go 50km per hour and yes you can drive them all around our island. You will get a charger with your scooter that you can use in any socket from 100 volts to 240 volts. You can even take the charger with you if you need. By mid 2023 we will have swap stations around the island so there is no need to charge, just swap and go.