Roderick Andriessen

CEO & Mechanic


Jacqueline Andriessen

Administration & Backbone


Noah Beaujon

Mechanic alround


  • 2016Our start

    We started with 5 gas scooters, running our business on the side.
  • 2017Getting busy

    The 5 scooters are always rented out so we bought 10 scooters again.
  • 2018Boom!

    Al 15 scooters are always rented out so i start full work on this great new adventure and stop working for a boss.
  • 2019More scooters

    In need of way more scooters so we order 20 brand new scooters from the brand SYM, we are running on more then 45 scooters on the road. doing great thanks to giving great service.
  • 2020Covid!

    Like all companies we were hit hard during the lockdown, but we did have some daring tourists that remain here and rent scooters. Activate survival mode!
  • 2021New business

    We started Top Bikes, we import bikes from around the world to sell here on Curacao.