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Terms and conditions

The following conditions are part of the agreement between SCOOTER RENTAL CURAÇAO part of SUNNY MOTION BV, established in Curacao, and the tenant named on the lease.

  1. The renter is obliged to return the scooter on the return date and place of return stated on the rental contract in the condition in which it was received (with the exception of the consequences of normal wear and tear) with all accessories, tools (if provided), (registration) papers and other documents and the keys. If the scooter is returned elsewhere, the renter’s liability for damage to the scooter or its loss, for the costs of parking and for the costs referred to in art. 4 of these terms and conditions, until RENT SCOOTER CURAÇAO has taken delivery of and inspected the scooter. If the renter does not hand over the scooter at the agreed location after the end of the rental agreement, the obligation to pay rent continues unabated, and the renter also owes a surcharge of Euro 75.00 per day. Furthermore, in that case all contractual limitations of the tenant’s liability will lapse. The provisions here also apply if the scooter is not handed over by the renter in connection with judicial and/or other judicial seizure and SCOOTER RENTAL CURAÇAO cannot be blamed for such seizure.
  2. The dates set in the final reservation (after the landlord has received the deposit) are binding. The renter undertakes to pay the agreed number of rental days, even if the scooter is collected later or returned earlier.
  3. The renter is not allowed to use the scooter or have it used:
    A. for a purpose contrary to the law;
    B. for teaching;
    C. for pushing or pulling any vehicle or trailer;
    D. for the transport of persons and/or goods in violation of any legal provision of the country where the scooter is used by the renter;
    E. for participating in scooter races, rallies or other sports rides or puzzle rides;
    F. by a driver who does not have the physical and mental fitness required to drive the vehicle. The absence of this condition is in any case presumed if the driver has used substances that could affect his driving ability;
    G. by a driver who does not have a valid driving license if the type of vehicle so requires (up to 50cc excluded).
    H. by a driver who is not named as a tenant or as a driver on the rental contract.
  4. The renter is liable for the acts and omissions of the driver, the passengers and all others who use or actually dispose of the vehicle. This also applies if this act did not have the consent of the tenant.
  5. The maximum permitted weight on the scooter is 140 kg, this in connection with the carrying capacity of the scooter, but also the possible reduction of braking power due to weight.
  6. The renter must handle the scooter with care. The renter is liable for all costs, fines imposed plus a contribution to the administration costs and further (financial) consequences of violation of the Road Traffic and other legislation with the scooter, plus a contribution to the administration costs.
    a. In the event of loss or theft of the scooter keys, the costs applicable to that scooter (read brand and type) will be deducted from the deposit. If this is not sufficient, the remainder will have to be paid in cash.
  7. The renter must properly park the scooter with the chain lock when it is not in use. The renter is fully responsible for refueling with suitable fuel for the scooter. Maintenance of the scooter may only be done by SCOOTER RENTING CURACAO. The tenant must also make himself available for this.
  8. In the event of loss and/or damage or occurring defect of the scooter and/or seizure by judicial scooter authorities or civil seizure, the renter is obliged to immediately inform SCOOTER RENTAL CURAÇAO of this. If any damage or defect with further use of the scooter entails the risk that the damage or the defect will worsen or further use may lead to a reduction in safety on the road, the renter is prohibited from using the scooter until repair (after permission of SCOOTER RENT CURAÇAO ) has taken place.
  9. Partly in connection with the insurance policy (W.A. insurance), the tenant is obliged:
    a. SCOOTER RENT CURAÇAO to be notified as soon as possible of any accident at the number provided with each delivery;
    b. immediately notify Curacao Road Service and/or the police;
    c. to immediately complete the claim form and to collect all data from the person involved in the accident

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